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It’s that time of year again where we turn on the A/C and have an internal debate with ourselves or roomies about setting the thermostat higher to save or lower for comfort sake. I always dread the first electricity bill of the summer once the A/C has been running consistently. I must admit, I have become the thermostat police, keeping it set at 84 degrees throughout the summer. When I first started the thermostat lock down, I’d find myself in a heat induced semi-coma on my couch in the coolest part of the house trying to adapt; and I did… after a month. Still, is it necessary to take all these measures to save or can’t we just self-indulge?

One of the first steps you can take is to get an energy audit, or if you really want to be cool, you can call it an energy assessment, of your home. In fact, NV Energy will come out for free to do it! An auditor will look at everything in your home that uses energy: ductwork, windows, lighting, insulation, outlets, doors. Once completed, you will get a report about your home’s energy performance and how it could be costing you. This will give you a good idea on what improvements you can make to save energy and money.

There is a federally funded, state administered program called Energy Fit Nevada that will give you a rebate if you can show that you improved your home’s energy savings by 20%. To get started and save you the discomfort of the summer, visit their website at https://www.energyfitnevada.org and get registered.


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