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Your garden beds have been built, the soil has been watered and stewing for at least 2 weeks and it’s early March or late August – it’s time to plant!

I have been gardening in Las Vegas since I was in high school, with my very own 6×6 raised garden bed, and my favorite part about gardening is planning what to plant, and placement of said plants in the garden. There are go-to varieties of tomatoes, green beans and various other vegetables that will thrive in southern Nevada in the right growing season; however, I always like to experiment with heirloom varieties of fruit and veggies and see what I get and how well they do. Plant World (on Jones and Charleston) has a great selection of heirloom and organic seeds, or I go to the Burpee website for variety.
Gardening has become a passion of mine and I like to share that with my kids. I have made a video on planting seeds with my kids for your viewing pleasure!


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