1) The sales agent at the new home site is working for the builder and represents the builder’s interest only.

2) An agent that represents you can give you objective advice and insight during all phases of the process, such as contract, construction, walkthrough and closing.

3) Your agent representation is free – the builder pays the REALTOR commission.

4) Your REALTOR has knowledge of and can leverage contracts, law and the real estate community when things go awry with the builder, which often does happen.

5) Your REALTOR can provide a valuable tool: a market analysis.

Would you go to court without being represented by an attorney? Of course not. When you start to consider new homes, contact us first before visiting new home sites. We can provide a list of new homes being built around the valley that meets your needs. We will then register you as a buyer, with our representation, at those new home sites that interest you. We will accompany you to the sales office on your first visit and help you along in the process of purchasing a new home.  Our job is to represent your best interest.

~Heather Mongie, REALTOR, GREEN


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